Canadian Start Up Kicks Your Style Up a Notch

All it takes is one night of being able to find anything to wear to transform your bedroom into a disaster zone.

Everyone seems to have that annoying problem of what to wear a little too often. You may own two closets full of pieces but have no idea how to put them together as outfits when it comes down to ‘go time’. Or, you may love the fit of a particular piece so much that you wear it over and over (and over). 

Or you could just be sick of everything you own.

It could be time to download Stylekick. The rapidly growing app that makes your whole “getting ready” process simpler (meaning, you’ll be late a lot less often).


Stylekick curates your closet by making outfit recommendations the same way that Pandora recommends songs. In short, it probably knows your personal style better than you do.  

The app learns from your choices to recommend outfits that best represent your personal tastes. It offers outfit inspiration thanks to thousands of new looks sourced from a massive network of bloggers and fashion enthusiasts from around the world. Much like Netflix, once it learns your behaviour, it adapts your feed over time to match your personal preferences. 

While shopping fashion looks, users can double-tap multiple parts of an outfit to “like” and save their favourite pieces, tap and hold to share outfits on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and flip through full-screen hi-res images quickly. This ability to like and save items in the context of an outfit is unique to Stylekick.

Of course, if you “like” it enough, you can buy the item, adding it to your virtual closet (and pretty soon your actual one).

So don’t say we didn’t warn you. 


Cover image from: Stylekick

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