Canadian Photographer Captures How Terrifyingly Beautiful Lake Erie Can Be

You probably don’t think about Lake Eerie all that much.

It isn’t particularly deep, is the second smallest of the five Great Lakes, and looks like it’s in the United States in its geographic entirety.

What is also true, however, is that it might be the most badass.

Photographer Dave Sandford of London, Ontario recently captured the wrath of Lake Erie during two dark and stormy months that revealed it to be anything but the semi-tropical oasis of summer. In fact, he makes Lake Erie look like it could have been the setting for The Perfect Storm. 

A few fun facts: Lake Erie has wrecked up to 8000 ships, can turn violent on a whim due to its shallow nature (not an ex-wife joke), and features waves that can reach up to 25 feet.

Just look at this demon:

All photos courtesy of Dave Sandford

Bane of the Great Lakes


Lake of the Cats

Two Face

Eerie Erie

The Witch of November

Liquid Mountain Top

Freshwater Fury

Black Friday

The Gales of November

Red Peak

The Sandstorm

Probably about time to change its name to Lake Eerie.