Canadian Inn Becomes the “World’s Most Popular Three Star Hotel” Thanks to Will and Kate

A Canadian hotel now has bragging rights as the “world’s most popular three-star hotel” thanks to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Coast High Country Inn in Yukon’s capital is getting worldwide recognition after hosting the beloved royal couple last Tuesday.

The British media outlets were quick to assess the royal-worthiness of the accommodations, with the Daily Mail calling them “rustic” and highlighting its three-star rating.

Not long after, the Express ran a long piece describing the recent renovation of the room the couple slept in.

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

The carpet was replaced, the walls were painted and a new love seat was added for Room 414 prior to the arrival of the hotel’s VIP guests.

The hotel also borrowed some art pieces from Yukon’s permanent collection, including a wooden mask and a traditional Tlingit-style painting called “Split Raven.” The hotel was completely booked for the tour, according to Canadian Press, with all 84 rooms occupied by Will and Kate’s hefty entourage, security and Canadian government officials.

Of course, the couple had their adorable (and somewhat mischievous) kids in tow as well.



As Canadian Press reports, Philip Fitzgerald, president of hotels with Northern Vision Development said the royal couple was highly satisfied with their stay, as were the hotel staff and managers.

“It’s great to get the international marketing exposure as the world’s most-popular three-star hotel,” said Fitzgerald.

He also called the reports of major renovations to the couple’s room “overblown.” Overblown or not, they can’t be bad for business.

As for requests to stay in Room 414, we can only expect those to increase among those seeking an escape to Whitehorse.

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