Canadian Spots Named Among World’s Best Winter Vacations

Bloomberg has just released a list of ‘Winter Vacations for People Who Want to Do Nothing’.

Finally, something we can all get behind. While it does mention several activities that are anything but nothing – dogsledding and concerts – make no mistake that every destination has been carefully selected for its bounty of relaxation and bliss.

Of course, no list of world-leading winter vacations would be complete without a few shoutouts to the Great White North. And indeed, Canada represented a full 25 per cent of the list (Ok, so there were only eight spots mentioned).

The two Canadian standouts on Bloomberg’s top ‘Winter Vacations for People Who Want to Do Nothing’ are found on Vancouver Island and in Newfoundland.

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island was included for its world-class storm-watching from the comfort of the spectacular Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino. “30-foot swells and gale-force winds lash the western shores of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, putting on an awesome show for guests,” writes author Jen Murphy.

Are you an early riser? Вы сова или жаворонок? I am falling asleep at the airport because we had to wake up at 4:30,am to catch an early flight to USA today. The highway on the way to yhe airport waa packed I honestly dont know how people do that. I like waking up 10minutes before the sunrise ? that gives me time to get dressed and run off to take pictures if I'm on vacay. This picture was taken on Wickaninish beach ? few minutes before the sun was up Я не представляю , как люди просыпаються в 4 утра. сегодня проснувшись в 4:30, я сейчас засыпаю в аэропорту. Я считаю себя утреним человеком , но 4 утра не мое время. Кст, на дороге в аэропорт столько машин! Все мчатся в город. Я люблю просыпатьмя за 10-15 мин до расвета , этого длстаточно чтобы собраться, схватить камеру и бежать фоткать мир.эту фотоку я сделала в прошлом году , когда ездили на западное побережье в городок тофино

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“The Wick,” as its locally known, offers plenty of shelter from the storm. An award-winning restaurant, full spa in natural surroundings, daily Hatha yoga classes, and no shortage of fireplace #views are exactly what winter on the West Coast is about.


While The Wick is decidedly rustic, the Fogo Island Inn on Newfoundland’s northern coast boasts a more modern, albeit colder, getaway. While a stay at this architectural gem is a truly memorable experience, Bloomberg points to the area’s drifting ice as the area’s unique selling point.

“Guests looking to connect with nature can track caribou by snowshoe or, in March, view giant sheets of ice floating down Iceberg Alley from Greenland to the North Atlantic,” writes Murphy. Sounds serene.

The Inn, meanwhile, is equipped with an artist-in-residency program, a 37-seat cinema, and several rooftop hot tubs – all the more reason to settle in and stay a while.

Should this become an annual list, you can expect to see many more Canadian destinations in future editions of ‘Winter Vacations for People Who Want to Do Nothing’.