Canadian Company Makes Slick Tiny House Carved Out of Recycled Shipping Container

This article was created in collaboration with TOWER TRIP Magazine which explores amazing houses and offices in Canada.

The makers of super slick and stackable trade show booths, LOKI Box Design is launching a new division for modular residential architecture. They recently unveiled their first tiny house built from a recycled shipping container, and assembled it at the foot of the Massif du Sud ski slopes.

“Over the last 30 years, we went from playing with LEGOs to stacking recycled shipping containers,” explains LOKI Homes Founder Pierre-Mathieu Roy.

“All of our discussions at the atelier about modular architecture, & design, tiny homes and new ways to build finally put the foundation for this new venture.”


The Canadian company will work with real estate developers, promoters and tourism boards to build their modular homes in key areas.