Canadian Chef to Take Over Third Best Restaurant in the World

Canada is about to get its first Michelin star.

Kind of.

Ben Ing of Ottawa, who’s completed stints at Eleven Madison Park and Café Boulud in New York, will take over the third best restaurant in the world starting in January – Copenhagen’s famed Noma.

Photo: David Zilber

Restaurant magazine crowned two-Michelin-star Noma the top culinary destination on earth in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 before it dropped two places in last year’s ranking.

Ing first started at Noma in January of 2014 when he was given a trial, which then translated into a position as a line chef. In under two years, he was promoted to the kitchen’s top spot.

“I asked all the sous chefs who they would think would be the next head chef, and even though they kind of were next in line they all pointed to Ben. It was a 100-per-cent unanimous decision,” said Noma’s owner and founder, Rene Redzepi.

Ing will look to introduce an exceptional work environment during his stint as head chef, which he believes is key to bringing out the best of culinary team.

“We want the chefs to have a good life,” he says. “The tradition [in kitchens] had been grinding it out, sweaty, late nights, drugs and alcohol, but not so much any more. Now, you really want to make your day and your work week efficient.” His plan is to have staff working four days a work, albeit 15 hours at a time.

Don’t get too excited though, reservations won’t be accepted until 2017 on account of Noma’s move to a brand-new space over the next year.