Canadian Businesses Are the Second Most Trusted in the World…But there’s a “But”

Game on: Companies headquartered in Canada are now the second-most trusted in the world.

According to a new survey commissioned by well-known public relations firm, Edelman, Canada sits only behind to companies with headquarters in Sweden in the “Trust Barometer.”

Of all respondents, 75 per cent said they trust Canadian companies. So how do we compare to our American neighbours? Well, only 62 per cent of respondents put their trust in the “American Dream.”

Joined in top-ranking spots are Germany and Switzerland, while countries like Brazil, Russia, and China were among the less successful performing nations. At the very bottom was Mexico, with only 31 per cent of respondents putting their faith in the country.

On a slightly alarming note, the study also found that overall the world has less faith in businesses then it did last year. In fact, the number of countries where a majority of people put trust in their businesses, government, media, and NGO (so, basically, society in general) reached a record low.


From last year, trust in government declined slightly, to 49 per cent from 51 per cent, while trust in media fell to 47 per cent from 58 per cent. This year’s survey also reveals CEOs as the least trusted group.

Shocking? We’ll leave it up to you to decide.

So despite the reletive strength of the claim that Canada is the second most trusted country to have a business there’s still that big BUT we were talking about; and here it is:

Canada saw the largest drop in trust in business of any of the 27 countries surveyed.

Second best in the world has suddenly never felt so dissapointing.