Canadian Ad Fails Hilariously, Claims “We All Need the D”

“We all need the D. Even me!”

That was the heading of a recent advertising campaign – and no, it wasn’t for a porn site, or a sexual performance-enhancing drug.

It was for Canada’s own Yukon Health and Human Services. And the “D” is in reference to Vitamin D. The ad was an attempt to promote the vitamin’s benefits, which include bone growth. The ad included lines like “How do you do the D?,” “I’m in my 30s, who knew I needed to do the D!?,” and “Need a little help… with your daily D?” It’s coupled with images of smiling Canadians of all ages.



Yes, we’re serious.

Of course, to many of us, “the D” refers to something much different than the essential vitamin (not to say that it’s not equally as essential to some). Perhaps the slang term hadn’t made its way up to the Yukon yet?

Either way, others were quick to (hilariously) take to Twitter to point out the gaffe, prompting the organization to remove the ads from the Internet and replace them with a more PG copy on their website.