Canada’s Largest Sake Festival is Coming Back to Toronto

Did you know that there is a Sake Institute of Ontario? The SIO a not-for-profit trade organization with the principal objective of educating and promoting the responsible consumption and enjoyment of sake.

Talk about respectable ambitions.

In an attempt to achieve their most honorable objective, the SIO has organized and hosted three years of Kampai Toronto, the country’s largest Sake ‘Matsuri’ (festival), and from 6:30-9:00pm on May 28th in Toronto’s Historic Distillery District, it’s back for its fourth and largest installment yet. (Here’s what it looked like last year.) 

The festival will be showcasing over 140 sakes from Japan and North America, pairing them with delicious appetizers from some of the city’s best international restaurants. Pairing partners include folks like Ki, Blowfish, Edo, Guu Izakaya, and Fonda Lola.

Tickets are required in advance, and cover all liquor and food tastings through the duration of the event. There are only 600 total spots available, the VIP tickets have already sold out, and as of May 21st the price jumps from $70 to $80; so as they probably never actually say in Japan, “the early Samurai gets the Sake.” 

Tickets to the festival can be purchased here.

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