Canada’s Chicest Car Washes for Young Professionals

For many of us urban-dwelling young professionals (YPs), cars are a luxury that we have worked hard to obtain. We take as much pride in our rides as we do our personal appearance and therefore need to keep them in tiptop condition. The ability to drive around in a clean car ensures you always look professional and presentable. We have sourced some of the country’s top car washes to guarantee your precious vehicle is treated to nothing but the best. 

J.W. Car Care, Whole Foods Market, Toronto
JW Car Care, located in the underground parking lot of beloved grocery go-to, Whole Foods, is a favourite among Yorkville-frequenting YPs. With no shortage of conversation-provoking luxury vehicles that pull up at its location daily, the company specializes in high end and refined, with no cutting corners and a service that is akin to a spa for your car. It also, however, specializes in high volume, and has locations in North American malls, offices, supermarkets and other developments. Offering a superior experience, the company also provides its customers with doorman and valet services and a staff that is well groomed and professional. Aside from the service, another factor that makes the Whole Foods location a YP favourite is its convenience. You can grocery shop, browse the stores of Hazelton Lanes or people watch on one of Yorkville’s neighbouring patios, all while your car enjoys a “me day” of its own. Prices vary based on size and condition of vehicle, but services range from an exterior hand wash for $16.90 to a exterior hand wash, interior cleaning and shampoo for $89.90. The company offers Bronze, Silver and Gold package deals.

Lavacar, Montreal
Seemingly made for the YP, Lavacar is a mobile car wash. Lavacar will come to your house, condo or workplace in an experience that redefines the car wash as we know it. Each service includes interior cleaning, exterior washing, rim deep cleaning and window shining. For us time-strapped YPs, Lavacar eliminates the scheduling time into your busy day, the drive, and waiting in line typically characteristic of the car wash. The company will come clean your car directly at your workplace so that you and your co-workers can enjoy squeaky-clean rides for the drive home. In the warmer months, take the initiative to gather your co-workers for a multi-car car wash while you continue to work away. Lavacar will also come to your home or even condo, and caters to condo complexes in the city with special rates for entire buildings. In a way to get to know your neighbours, make a neighbourhood event out of the car wash- the more on board, the lower the price per car. Prices range between $34-$39.00, depending on the number and type of car (sedan or SUV).

Bubbles Car Wash and Detail Centre, Calgary
Bubbles Car Wash and Detail Centres boldly declare themselves the “champagne of car washes,” providing a consistent (there are 11 Bubbles Car Wash and Detail Centres in Western Canada,) refined and reliable car cleaning experience for the Calgary-dwelling young professional. With all locations locally owned and operated, Bubbles has been cleaning up cars for over 30 years. Known for its quality customer service, the company offers a full service hand car wash and detail service without appointment, while customers to enjoy their well-appointed lounges as they wait on their vehicle. Giving a whole new meaning to the historically chore-like car wash experience, the lounge features televisions, gourmet dark roast coffee, WIFI, and an assortment newspapers and magazines. Bubbles offers a selection of service packages that range from $20.00 to $550.00, but all services are offered ‘a la carte’ providing the ability customize any service to suit your vehicle’s needs.

MobiGlow, Vancouver
MobiGlow, owned and operated by three Vancouver-based YPS, is surely the future of car wash technology. Inspired by overseas car wash options, the eco-friendly car wash effectively cleans your car with just 2-5 litres of water and zero chemicals using its revolutionary steam-cleaning machine. This means no soap, water run-off and or waste. The process involves using low pressure jets of steam to transform your can to top condition in a way that is effective yet gentle on the car and mild on the paintwork. The service is currently offered at The Arbutus Club (for club members only) and West Vancouver’s Hollyburn Country Club, with service at Terminal City Club coming soon. 

Supreme Auto Bath, Toronto
Offering a new and ultra convenient hand car wash concept, Supreme Auto Bath is an anytime, drive-thru hand car wash service. It features two tunnels that can accommodate up to four cars at once for maximum efficiency and offers free tire dressing with each wash. Perhaps the best part is the customer lounge, which features a TV, wireless internet (so that you can work from your laptop while you wait) and Green Mountain gourmet tea or coffee and a relaxing vibe for customers to enjoy while your car is cleaned from top to bottom and inside out. The cars are washed 100 per cent by hand and chamois dried, eliminating the fear of machines leaving scratches in your paint or tire tracks causing damage to your wheels. There are a variety of car wash packages available online with an assortment of add-ons. services begin at $18.00 (interior or exterior only) to The Supreme In and Out hand car wash for $30.00 (sedan) to $35.00 (SUV). Supreme Auto Bath is a little bit of a drive north, at Bathurst and Finch, but what is the point in having a car if you are not going to drive it?