Canada Tops Global Movember Donations

Movember humbly began in Melbourne Australia in 2004 to raise awareness and funds for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer. It has since sprouted globally, reaching all corners of the world from Hong Kong to South Africa. To date, over 1.1 million men around the world have sported moustaches during the month of November (often to the discontentment of wives or girlfriends), raising over $176 million. But Mo Bros aren’t the only ones contributing. Mo Sistas have donated generously as well, despite the natural inability to grow facial hair. 

As Canadians, we can be proud of our achievement during Movember 2011. Canada led the world in raising money for prostate cancer research and treatment at more than a dollar per capita. Our moustaches represented $37 million in donations, more than $13 million more than second-place Australia. Rounding off the top five was the UK ($23.6 million), US ($13.2 million) and Ireland ($1.6 million). 

Julian and Founder Julian Brass and Movember Founder Adam Garone at the Toronto Movember Launch Party

The movement has introduced a fun and interactive way to shed light on men’s health issues, which still lag behind those of women in general awareness and funds raised. Initiatives like the Moscars and Mo Space are just some of the ways Movember uses the power of social media to not only spread the word offline (via donning a moustache 24/7 for a month), but also online where it spreads virally. 

We have literally changed the face of men’s health – the initial goal of the campaign since its inception.

Top image courtesy Movember