Canada Set to Declare War on Norway Over Moose Statue

Canada and Norway are among the world’s most peacekeeping nations.

Those reputations are perilously close to obliterating. Obviously, it’s about a moose.

In 2015, Norway installed the world’s biggest moose statue. That made Canada’s renowned Mac the Moose, of none other than Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, the world’s second-largest such monument. Mac stands at 32 feet (9.8 m) tall and was the World’s Largest Moose since from 1984 until 2015. Norway’s moose, “Storelgen,” in the town of Bjøråa, is a mere 30 centimetres taller.

Now, a growing faction of Moose-loving patriots is calling on Moose Jaw to do whatever it takes for their beloved Mac to dunk on Norway’s blinged-out bull. The movement was started by comedians Justin and Greg, who are calling on Moose Jaw residents to amend Norway’s “egregious offence” by funding a growth spurt for Mac.

Moose Jaw Fights Back for Mac the Moose

MOOSE JAW has been DE-THRONED for having the WORLD'S LARGEST MOOSE and we the people of Saskatchewan CANNOT STAND FOR THIS!UPDATE: Wanna help —>

Posted by Justin and Greg on Friday, January 11, 2019

A subsequent petition, titled ‘Make Mac the Moose The World’s Largest Moose Again’ is looking to raise $50,000 in this effort.

“We believe it is our duty as Canadians to not stand idly by while our national treasures are insulted with this creation,” reads the petition. “Together, we will reclaim the title of World’s Tallest Moose for Mac and the people of Moose Jaw.”

It should be noted that the Norwegians purposely made their moose just a touch of an antler bigger – and “much nicer” – than Mac the Moose.” The artist who created the steel monstrosity also claims her structure can be doubled in size should Moose Jaw find a way to grow Mac. Moose Jaw’s mayor has already called asked the public for ideas on how to make this happen.

Because if it isn’t home to the world’s biggest moose, is there really any reason to visit Moose Jaw?