Canada Post Ditches Man’s Delivery on the Ground, Announces Price Hike the Next Day


Robert Bruff of Gatineau, Quebec posted a photo to Reddit yesterday that showed a package Canada Post ditched near a community mailbox.

“Over the past six months, Canada Post has lost three packages for me, all of which it claims to have delivered,” he wrote in the post. “I think I discovered the reason why today.”

The package was addressed to Bruff’s neighbour, not the concrete floor on which is was left.

Bruff’s rant became a viral hit on Reddit, where it quickly reached ‘the front page of the Internet’.

Canada Post responded in general ‘we don’t usually do this’ fashion and, without a hint of public relations foresight, released a statement today announcing a price hike to postage rates as “declining mail volumes continue to have a significant impact on its financial situation.”

Indeed, Internet has killed the mailman. Last year, our national postal service delivered 1.4 billion fewer domestic letters than it did at the peak in 2006.

Expecting us to pick up the tab for this inevitably in the wake of severely below-par service – Bruff’s discovery certainly isn’t the first instance of CP ineptitude – will do very little to restore faith in the 152-year-old company.