Canada is One of the Best Countries in the World for Immigrant Inventors

We already knew Canada was a great place for immigrants, and could assume it also offered a fine climate for inventors.

What we didn’t know, was that Canada is an exceptional country to be both.

Recent research on the immigration patterns of high-skilled workers shows that we’re home to the seventh-most immigrant inventors in the world. Our neighbours to the South, meanwhile, are home to more than all other countries combined.

The study defines inventors as anyone who has filed for a patent and used data from the World Intellectual Property Organization to arrive at its conclusion.

While Canada is already an attractive place for foreign skilled workers, recent political events are likely to make it even more so. Donald Trump’s crackdown on immigration in the United States and our current government’s population goal of 100 million people by 2100, largely from an influx of immigrants, means Canada is likely to produce even more inventors in the near future.