Canada Actually Has a Much Better Netflix Selection Than the U.S.

We detract our declaration that the Netflix selection in Canada sucks compared to most other countries.

As is the case with, say, Tinder matches, Netflix selection is a matter of quality over quantity. So while our neighbours to the South may have more titles to choose from, we certainly have the better ones.

U.S. blog Streaming Observer recently cross-referenced the Netflix catalogues of nine countries with IMDB’s top 250 movies list to see where the most quality titles are available.

As it turns out, Brazilians have access to the most IMDB top 250 films, with 85 available among their Netflix catalogue.

Canadians, meanwhile, have access to 49 titles on the list, while Americans can stream only 33.

The full list below:


So while you may have been upset that Netflix blocked you from its U.S. service through the use of a VPN, maybe you should have been tuning in to Brazil all along.

This whole analysis is pretty abstract, of course. Is having access to Raiders of the Lost Ark really going to have us bragging to our American friends on a Sunday night while they’re scrolling through the season’s hottest series? Unlikely.

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