Calling all Artists (and Drinkers)

When we think of smooth single malts, the name Glenfiddich immediately comes to mind. No wonder, it’s received more awards than any other single malt this century. A few drams of this Scottish specialty and a good night will suddenly shift into a great one. And now, with the Glenfiddich Artists in Residence Prize, these fine purveyors of potent potables are offering anyone in our country with an artistic side the chance to develop their talents at the famed Glenfiddich Distillery in Dufftown, Scotland. To this, we definitely raise a glass. 

Here’s how it works. You do art. You make it, you live it, you love it. And like we said, you’re Canadian. You then apply anytime between now and midnight on Friday, January 31, 2014 (that’s two more months for you mathematicians out there) and wait while a distinguished jury pours over the applications with a fine (art) toothed comb. Said jury, comprised of Dr. Sara Diamond, President of OCAD University, Gaetane Verna, Director of The Power Plant, Kitty Scott, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at AGO, Julian Sleath, Programming Manager of Special Events, Economic Development & Culture at the City of Toronto, and the Canadian 2008 Glenfiddich Artists in Residence Prize recipient, Dave Dyment, will then hopefully select your work!

If you’re selected, you’re looking at a three-month summer stay at the spectacular Glenfiddich Distillery in the Scottish Highlands. You’ll spend your time living in your own croft (traditional small Scottish farm houses) alongside seven other international winners of the prestigious prize. Once there, you and your newfound friends will be encouraged to take inspiration from the unique setting (it’s probably exactly like Braveheart), as well as the chance to work in an international community. This community will hopefully create an ongoing artistic dialogue that may even lead to the exploration of cross-disciplinary ideas. Of course, for those of you who really need to know the price of art, the $20,000 value will cover everything from travel to living expenses, as well as any materials required throughout the residency.

Since its inception a decade ago, the Glenfiddich Artists in Residence program has played host to some 90 artists from 18 different countries. And the art exhibited in the Glenfiddich gallery reflects the inspiration those artists found in the “distillery, history, heritage, people, and craftsmanship of the surrounding area.”  If your profession or your passion happens to be in the arts, we suggest you throw your hat in the proverbial ring. All we ask is you bring us back a bottle of the 1974 Vintage Reserve that if you win. Seems fair.

So cheers to Glenfiddich for using their level of international acclaim and distinction to award artists the opportunity to grow and mature in much the same way their fine single malts do. If you don’t think that’s Notable, you probably need another drink.  

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