Calgary’s Chiasso Coffee

If you’re in the market for a great cup of coffee – aren’t we all? – then you need to check out Chiasso Coffee (pronounced kee-Ah-so).

Serving ethically and fair-traded coffee beans, Chiasso is a proponent of the third wave coffee movement. The painstakingly sourced organic and sustainably farmed beans are roasted in small batches. Chiasso’s rigorously trained staff then prepares each cup of coffee carefully, complete with latte art.

chiasso int

If you’ve never tried syphon-prepared coffee, you can at Chiasso…and you probably should.

Coffee isn’t the only thing Chiasso does well. With a variety of sandwiches, house-made pastries and a few hot dishes, Chiasso is also a great stop for breakfast or lunch. The Almost Famous Breakfast Sandwich is delicious (they do have a roasted vegetable version if handmade chorizo sausage isn’t your thing), and the gluten-free lemon square is ideal for sharing. You can also pick up some of Chiasso’s beans and coffee equipment to take home.

Chiasso int 2

A lot about quality, Chiasso is also a little bit cheeky. Their “Project Runway” allows guests to design the next t-shirt worn by baristas, with past versions including “I love coffee geeks” and “I’d tamp that” (a tamp is used to flatten coffee for an espresso machine). Chiasso Coffee has two locations: 308 – 4th Avenue SW (Jamieson Place) and 843 – 17th Avenue SW (corner of 17th Avenue and 8th Street), Calgary. Check out Chiasso Coffee on Twitter.