Calgary’s Best Pizza Options for Any Occasion

For a city as health-conscious as Calgary is – we sure do love our pizza.

In fact, we want an entire week dedicated exclusively to our favourite slices. And luckily, YYC Pizza Week has arrived just in time for fall.

But with new spots popping up all over the place, and hidden gems already serving up superior ‘za in every region of our urban sprawl, we knew we had to help you navigate the current pie landscape.

So with that in mind, we bring you a list of notable pizza options for any occasion.

Save the Date
When you’re looking to impress a special someone who loves cheese and dough, it’s a pretty safe (and obvious) bet to head to UNA Pizza+Wine.

But if you’re not into the expected choice (and the expected hour-long wait that comes with it), head across the bridge to Kensington and Pulcinella.

Mouthwatering ingredients blend with an innovative wine and cocktail list in an atmosphere reminiscent of an evening in Europe – minus your awkward money belt.

The In-Laws are Coming
After being devastated in last summer’s flood, Famoso re-opened this spring to play host to your casual out-of-town visitors.

Located in the predominantly young professional (YP) neighborhood of mission, the price-point is reasonable and the flavor is above par – articularly the Quattro Formaggi.

They also serve up some authentic Italian drinks and desserts, but go easy: you still have a reputation to uphold. 

Table for twelve, please?
Trendy and tasty doesn’t always have to mean too crowded for a party over four.

Bensonhurst on 17th Ave. never seems too packed, which suggests that not enough people have tried their gigantic New York style or gluttonous Chicago Deep Dish pies. The interior lines up with the big-city American feel of their food, with long tables, an open kitchen, and a bar you actually want to sit at.

We’ve even heard they do dance parties some nights, which are few and far between on 17th, making them the perfect spot to check out for your next group shindig.

Rated R for Restriction (the dietary kind)
If gluten is your nemesis, that doesn’t mean you can’t join the pizza party.

Several reputable spots around the city are getting on the GF bandwagon, and doing a great job of it. Our celiac friends tell us that if you want flavor that doesn’t compromise, you need to head to Parkdale to hit up Pizza Bob’s. What they lack in contemporary interior design, they make up for in quality pies.

Oh, and free corkage, you’ve probably learned, is a rarity around here and one that deserves all the attention it can get.  

Happy Hour
This might just be the happiest of happy hours in town.

Every day from 3 to 5p.m., Cibo puts all of its fantastic pizzas on special for $5. Their unique offerings (wild boar bacon, anyone?) come on a thin crust that’s brushed with garlic butter and rock salt, aka: the perfect combination to make you leave work early.


Images: Facebook, Urbanspoon

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