Calgary Weekender: October 30 to November 2, 2014


Bohemian Rhapsody
Thanks to the Czech Consulate General and Atelier of Arts, tonight you can experience an evening of Czech culture with Ivan Zenaty and Matin Kasik. The pair will be taking over the River Park Church (3818 14A Street SW) and will bring the space to life with their classical violin and piano. Guests will also have the opportunity to view modern art by Czech artists like Erika Voith. Tickets are $20; this might be the classiest thing you do this week. Business formal attire is encouraged. 


Double Trouble
Are you bored with Halloween and the same old, same old? If you’re looking for something different this year, try the Standard. On Friday you can partake in their Freak Show party, which means bearded ladies, strong men and sword swallower costumes are all a must. However, if roaring 20s are more your speed, then head to the nightclub on Saturday for the Great Gatsby fete. You probably won’t catch Leo there but there will be specialty cocktails and lots of great music to help you get into the era of feather boas, flappers and Zydeco.

Bone House
Here’s one that isn’t for the faint of heart. This Friday and Saturday are your last chances to see the Bone House. This spine-tingling play focuses around Eugene Crowley, an expert on the topic of serial killers, who has come to town to share a chilling lecture on them (including one called the Midnight Cowboy that’s still on the loose). As the evening goes on you may be asked to participate in a psychological test before you meet the one sole witness who escaped the killer on the loose. Again, if you get frightened easily, this probably isn’t for you, but if you love a good scare then you better get your ticket. All the creepy fun goes down at the EPCOR Centre’s Motel.


Contemporary Calgary
If you’re more into Holt’s than Halloween you should probably skip the Wonder Woman costume and join the guest list for the Contemporary Calgary gala. The Centennial Planetarium, which is soon to be home to Calgary’s newest art space, will become an elaborate underground art party where you’ll be able to taste the crafty cuisine of chef Duncan Ly. Experience an evening of unparalleled class with live auction items including Holt Renfrew shopping sprees and art by famed Canadians like Chris Cran and Ed Burtynsky. Ever wanted to attend the Venice biennale? This is your chance to win tickets. 

Loose Moose Presents Beauty and the Beast
If the Bone House is too much for you to handle, then why not keep theatre on the lighter side? From November 1-23, the theatre known for its quick-witted and comedic performances is showcasing its very own interpretation of Beauty and the Beast (and this play is ideal for kids). Instead of experiencing psychological terror you’ll be pleasantly reminded of this great Disney classic that you grew up with. We can also promise you won’t have nightmares. 

All Weekend

Get Your Tiki Tickets
On Tuesday its time to put away the Halloween costumes and switch out the masks and capes for cocktails. Vine Styles is throwing a Tiki party, so if you’re into rum-based cocktails you’ll want to be there. Your hosts will keep you entertained with cocktail basics, party umbrellas, and a few different takes on your favourite fruity punches. Like most good Tiki bars, the seats will be limited, so make sure to call or e-mail Calgary’s most stylish wine boutique to reserve your spot.


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