Calgary Weekender: November 13 through 16, 2014

We’re mid-Movember. 

But there’s no way we’re letting you only go halfway with the next four days. We want you more committed to a good time than Burt Reynolds’ perfect ‘stache. 

So even though snow has already graced our fair streets, we see that as a reason to heat things. Lucky for you, we’re here to make sure you’ve got an iron in every one of the most notable fires in town – even if those fires are on ski hills.  

The weekend starts now, Calgary.


Get into the Euro Groove
Have you ever wondered what cinema is like in Moldavia, Croatia, or Bulgaria? Well, this weekend you can find out. The Calgary European Film Festival takes place all weekend long and you’ll have the opportunity to catch a variety of movies from some of the world’s best filmmakers. And don’t worry, we can promise you there won’t be anything with Sasha Baron Cohen in it.  

Hurray for Snow
While some of you might be packing your bags for warmer locales, the rest of us will be rejoicing this weekend because the ski hills are opening. Sunshine Village and Lake Louise will have their ski lifts operating and there’s nothing more exciting than the first run of the year. Opening weekend will no doubt be busy so plan to leave town after work, spend the night in Banff, and skip the party scene for a change. Yes, this means being up long before the sun…but its going to be worth it.

Trying to Win Brownie Points?
If you’re stuck on aunt or uncle duty this weekend and you’re too afraid of taking your nieces and nephews to the zoo in minus 20 weather, here’s a safer alternative. From now until the 23rd, Loose Moose theatre, known for its quick witted and comedic performances, is showcasing its very own interpretation of Beauty and the Beast. Think about it; the kids will be blissfully entertained and you’ll get to have a good laugh at one of Disney’s most classic tales…or you could try visiting the zebras while trying to avoid frostbite. Your call.


Get Shredded
Since skiing is on everyone’s mind, if you do plan to be in Banff on Friday night and are after a chiller (no pun intended) evening activity then you should check out the screening of Jeremy Jones’ ‘Higher’; an epic ski film that will probably blow your mind. You’ll have front row seats to one insane mountain show involving two skis, a whole lot of adrenaline, and about 1,000 meters of vertical. You’ll be pumped to hit the slopes after seeing this ski legend shred. All the fun takes place at Banff Avenue Brewing Company.


TED Tells The Truth
You have to love TED Talks. They ask us to think about every conceivable subject from the value that hoop dancing can add to one’s life to the out there concept of sound sculpture. This weekend proves to be equally stimulating thanks to TED- X’s return; one that will at take place in the staircase of the U of C’s Energy Environment Experimental Learning centre. Focused around the theme of “truth telling”, there will be all sorts of crazy facts shared that will shock, surprise, and encourage some wild discussion. Maybe not the best idea for a first date, but TED Talks are definitely never dull.


Get Classical
After you’ve taken in brunch somewhere fantastic on Sunday, you can take in a little culture, too. The Calgary Bach Society will be showcasing a special concert celebrating the musical mastery of Johann Sebastian Bach, the famous German composer. And while we’re long past the days of powdered wigs being in fashion, you can still admire the beauty of his music. With the chorus and orchestra joining forces, you’ll feel like you’re been serenaded.


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Top photo courtesy Lake Louise Ski Resort