Calgary Weekender: August 22 through 24, 2014


Expo Latino
From August 22nd to 24th, Prince’s Island Park is going to get a little spicy. Expo Latino is back for another year and you’ll get the chance to take in a little Latin culture in the form of Salsa, Zumba, Flamenco and Tango performances. If you feel like learning a little bit more about the forbidden dance or just having your own dance party, then you’ll want to buy tickets. The Samba Heritage Dance Group that performs on Sunday night will definitely be worth seeing. 

Start-Up Weekend
This weekend you can flex your entrepreneurial muscles at the August edition of Startup Weekend, a workshop that will help you better understand the basics of starting your own company. Over the weekend you’ll be challenged with a case study that involves identifying potential gaps in service within the city of Calgary and you’ll be tasked with creating a solution. If you’re a budding businessperson and want to sharpen your skills for success, then you’ll want to partake. This organization has helped over 8000 businesses around the world get off the ground.

A Fresh Look at History
Calgary’s cowboy history is as much a part of this town as Caesars and pancake breakfasts. In Lunchbox Theatre’s latest play, John Ware Re-imagined, audiences get to relive the story of the legendary African-American cowboy who was born into slavery in the South and eventually made a name for himself in the Wild West of Alberta. Credited with being one of the key people to bring ranching to the province, this is his story retold without the frills you’ll encounter at the local museum. Tickets are $25.


The Palomino
When in doubt of how to spend your Friday night, Palomino always delivers. With a BBQ-heavy menu, a laid-back atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re in a juke joint somewhere in Mississippi, and a non-stop line up in the showroom, you really can’t go wrong. On Friday night you can enjoy a few drinks on the back patio before heading downstairs to watch Locomotive Ghost, No Island and Well Mannered Thieves. As a side note, if you’re planning to eat dinner before the shows start, we suggest you order the garlic fries. Unless you’re on a first date.


Late Night Stop
Praise the Korean gods! Anju is now open on 17th Avenue and offers something totally new and unique for foodies. After late-night revelry, skip the usual eateries and head to Anju (stays open until 1am) for a savoury selection of dishes being described as Korean tapas. If you’re with a group, order one of everything off the menu… but if you can only select a few things, make sure to start with the Gochujang Chicken Wings and Crispy Tofu. These mouthwatering dishes are best washed down with one of the cocktails that contain a minimum of 2 oz. Visit the website for the full menu.


This Sunday the Canmore skate park is going to be hosting a wild party that involves a daring skate competition with rock n roll bands providing the soundtrack. Groups like Chron Goblin, Trip and Stumble and the Ativans will all be taking the stage while the best of the best in skate will be showing off their high-flying maneuvers for a chance to take home prize money. All the fun starts at 1pm. Doesn’t this sound better than doing laundry and other Sunday house chores?


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