Calgary Weekender: August 19th through 21st, 2011

This week, Globalfest (click the link to get your tickets now) kicks off in the city: a multi-faceted arts and cultural festival, located in Elliston Park (East Calgary), dedicated to celebrating and showcasing Calgary’s cultural diversity and artistic excellence locally and globally while offering one of the best multi-day fireworks competitions –various countries compete to be named number one.

With such a great festival on the horizon, why not take the opportunity this weekend to experience Calgary’s various cultural communities and offerings?

Instead of heading to the usual watering holes for dinner on Friday, head to Calgary’s International Avenue (17 Ave SE). Check out Fassil Ethiopian Cuisine where you can dine on authentic stews or meat dishes and injera, a flat and spongy bread that acts as your utensil. Or, pop into one of several Vietnamese restaurants for a satisfying bowl of Pho (properly pronounced as pha). After dinner, Elliston Park is just a few blocks south, making it easy to catch the Friday competitor: China will be wowing crowds with a spectacular fireworks show.

As young professionals, weekend grocery shopping is a must. Saturday, instead of going to your usual grocer, head to one of Calgary’s specialty food shops to stock up on exotic and delicious food from all over the globe. If you live in the beltline, Kalamata Grocery (1421 11 Street SW) is the perfect spot. Specializing in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods, they offer an amazing selection of Greek olives, olive oils and cheeses.

If you happen to be in Calgary’s NE, be sure to check out T&T Supermarket (#800 – 999 36th Street NE). This market is full of Asian foods and products not available in other retail outlets.

For Sunday brunch, skip the eggs benny and venture down to Chinatown’s Silver Dragon Restaurant (106 Third Ave. SE) for a Dim Sum feast. Legend has it this restaurant invented ginger beef. Be sure to try one of a variety of tasty dishes from the high-rise fry cart.

Finish off the day with another visit to Globalfest for Sunday’s firework show featuring the Philippines. It’s the perfect way to end your weekend with the proverbial “bang.”