Calgary Travel Company Has No Idea Where Anything is in Eastern Canada

Some companies do this really cool thing where you blindly book a plane ticket to an unknown destination for a really low price and don’t find out where you’re heading until the moment you check in at the airport. 

Anderson Vacations is not one of them. 

Nevertheless, the Calgary-based travel company has published two mislabellings in the past 24 hours that would have thrown travellers into a whirlwind of mystery. 
The first error was printed on a tour guide of Newfoundland that actually included locations in Cape Breton, while another blunder labelled St. John’s as New Brunswick’s Saint John and St. Anthony on the Northern Peninsula as Saint Anthony. 

“Although our content management company, whom we contract to create the destination planner series, tries to use the best in technology mapping tools in this case there was a major technical error,” Anderson Vacations CEO Corey Marshall said.

A standard apology and some lines about the organization’s passion for the province and region followed, but not before the Internet could take hold of the situation. 

The lesson here? Don’t rely on technology when a human brain could have probably sufficed. 

Probably one of those even bad publicity is good publicity situations. 


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