Calgary Oktoberfest: What is a Bierleichen?

Wurst’s event calendar is going to keep you really busy until mid-month.

Almost every night there’s something to look forward to, from ceremonial keg tappings and beer dinners, to Jägermeister parties and nightly stein holding competitions. Even on Sunday night you can still take advantage of their world-class beer selection and fondue.

Like we said, this festival is going to do nothing for your figure – but everything for your social calendar.

Beyond the beer and food, if you’re looking to get your cultural fix you can check out the live Oompa band every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

Tubas aren’t really your thing?

Not a problem.

You can still look forward to October 5th when Red Bull DJ Champion, C-SIK, spins it up for industry night.

And for those of you who want to partake in the festivities but can’t handle the beer you’ll be happy to know there’s half price wine on Thursdays as well as a gluten free menu.

They’ve really thought of everything.

Now here’s the really fun part. To get you on your Oktoberfest A-game we’ve got a few interesting tidbits about the annual beer celebration that you probably didn’t know (and it always helps to have something interesting to share with new friends after a few steins).

1. A traditional beer hall holds approximately 100, 000 seats.

2. There was actually no beer at the first Oktoberfest.

3. Every year there are roughly 7 million liters of beer consumed during the festival in Germany.

4. If you see your friend keeled over in a corner after too many drinks you should call them a ‘Bierleichen’, which loosely translates as ‘beer corpse’.

Your new friends will love this one. (Just try not to end up as one yourself.)

For all the wild and wonderful details on Wurst’s Oktoberfest click here.




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