Calgary Hot Shop: APT 22

Sometimes the hardest part of heading to a function or engagement is finding that perfect outfit to wear. This is when it comes in handy to have those girlfriends with the killer closets who are happy to lend you an article of clothing along with some fashion advice. When you shop at APT 22, you feel like you have just stepped into that girlfriend’s closet and that’s exactly what owner Kim Stern was going for when she opened up her boutique. Kim invited us to visit the shop recently and the interview quickly turned from a seated conversation to a glass of wine and a change room full of fabulous outfits to try on between questions. Within being there for an hour, the verdict was in: Kim is an exceptional stylist.

Kim was 13 years old when she started working as a model and has been involved in the industry ever since. She is well known around Calgary’s fashion scene and loved for her candid approach. As she puts it best, “I’m not a salesperson, I’m a stylist.” She is determined to find looks that work best for each of her clients, and if she’s not happy with how something looks on you then she’s not afraid to be forthcoming – a quality that is very respected.

When’s she not organizing private shopping parties or travelling to LA to source out the best new looks, she’s busy with trips to Bali and creating her own clothing line, Runaway Child. There’s no doubt that her fantastic eye for unique fashion has made her business a success. When we asked Kim about her style, she described it as being boho chic, eclectic and boundary pushing, and this really resonates with the clothing she brings in. APT 22 carries items that you won’t find in other women’s clothing stores around town.

When we asked Kim what some of the biggest challenges are with fashion in Calgary, she told us that everyone is a little too conservative and hesitant to try new things. On the flipside, she’s also up for the challenge of changing those conventions. At the end of the day, this fashion maven is just happy to help inspire women and make them feel good about what they’re wearing. 

Kim went on to tell us that one of the best things about being a stylist and running her own shop is being able to turn heads with her sense of fashion. She loves to get calls from friends and customers recounting how strangers stop them in the street to ask about the clothing they’re wearing and where they can find those items.  True to form, when wearing one of Kim’s hot pink kimono tops out later that night, two different groups of women approached to inquire.

APT 22 is located in the newer Aspen Landing community of West Calgary, close to the new Vin Room. When you’re ready to spice up your wardrobe or if you just need a little help from a stylist, visiting Kim should be top of your list. 

Happy shopping.

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