Calgary Cab Driver Returns Bag With $10,000, Plane Ticket, and Passport Inside

A Calgary cabbie – who had no incentive to be a good samaritan, really – recently scored a major win in the public’s perception of taxi drivers.

After picking up a mother and son from Calgary International Airport, Associated Cabs driver Mohammad Khawaja noticed a bag was left on the passenger seat following their drop-off at a hotel. On top of what must have been a pretty nice bag, Khawaja found the mother’s plane ticket, passport, and $10,000 in cash inside.

Instead of returning it to the lost and found (or keeping it), he immediately contacted his supervisors, who were able to get in touch with its original owner. Khawaja was told to meet the passenger in the hotel lobby to return the bag, for which he was rewarded with a generous $800 tip that he originally declined.

“I was just doing my job,” he says, adding that the biggest reward from the situation was that his children were proud of him.

What – no, we’re not crying, there’s just some dust in our eye…