Calgary, Are You Ready for the Orchestra?

Don’t cough.
Don’t chew gum.
Don’t go in jeans.

If this is what you’re afraid you’ll hear at the orchestra, then relax.

It’s 2014 – things have come a long way.

And tonight marks a special occasion with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra throwing their fabulous French party in the Devonian Gardens with hot models, cool music, and French poodles.

But if you’re already dealing with sweaty palms and anxiety over what to wear and how to act, then we have a few suggestions on the dos and don’ts of modern orchestra attendance.


The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra is known for doing things a little differently. What does that mean? If you don’t show up in a tuxedo or ball gown, you’re not going to get thrown out.

After all, this orchestra’s performed concerts focused on everything from James Bond films to the sounds of Nintendo games.

Do Be On Time
Duh. This is common courtesy for any event.

Dress Nice
Embrace a chance to be classy. Now, if you feel like wearing an evening gown or three-piece suit, then go for it.

But it’s not an absolute must.

The talented stylists at Holt Renfrew were nice enough to share a few tips of their own. Ladies, take a note from the Parisian women and keep it simple and elegant but don’t shy away from colour.  And if you’re looking to update your favourite black outfits, think about incorporating patterns or a splash of colour with a new pair of heels.

Guys, if you’re not sure what “dress nice” means, then just remember the ‘F word’ applies. And we mean ‘F’ as in ‘fitted’. Dark denim, fitted blazers, and patent leather shoes will all give you a pass. The general rule is don’t wear it if its been worn for casual Fridays.

It’s why you’re there. And the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra won’t let you down.


Be On Your Phone
While you won’t get in trouble for sneezing, don’t spend your free time on your phone at the orchestra. You paid good money for this event and that makes texting about fantasy football and tweeting during the performances #stupid.

Try to Make Too Much of a Fashion Statement
This isn’t the time to try out that bandage dress. As your grandmother might say, “You don’t want to look like a floozy.” Basically, don’t try to pull a Kim or Kanye and you should be fine.  

Wear Cowboy Hats
We shouldn’t have to tell you this. 


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