Cadence Cycle: It Hurts So Good

It’s the age of Spinlightenment. Ever since spinning swept New York as the go-to workout for the who’s who, indoor cycling has become the biggest, baddest fitness phenomenon. The workout that many call an “obsession” or a “cult” has found roots in Montreal, with a line-up of devotees ready to put the pedal to the medal. 

What makes Cadence (2585 Bates) different from all other spin classes? This is not your typical 45 minutes of gear grinding. Part dance party, part therapy, part communal high, the Cadence spin experience truly is an ass-kicking, calorie-burning “experience.” Aside from providing a super sweat session set to pumped-up playlists, each Cadence class incorporates free weights and core exercises so you can tone your tummy and boost your upper body while you find the beat of the bike. Bodies move in masterful choreography, up and down, side to side, and all in sync to the expertly-crafted tunes.  

Leading the peddling pack is Cadence studio owner and super cyclist Yaron Spitzer, who developed Cadence as a spin class with an extra umph factor. “I had taken classes all over the city but I couldn’t find anything that combined the elements I wanted to see in a fitness program – a solid workout plus the fun factor coupled with amazing music,” says Yaron. Yaron’s enthusiasm, contagious energy, and no-excuses attitude gets you right in the zone the moment you walk into the steamy spin studio. Cadence is all about challenging your body while easing your mind. Though your first class may feel a little uncoordinated, you’ll be clipping in like an expert and riding with rhythm in no time!

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