Business of Weed with Jay Rosenthal: August 3, 2018

Here’s what’s new this week in the world of weed.

The Business of Weed is a weekly series brought to you by Jay Rosenthal, the Co-founder and President of Business of Cannabis, to keep you up to date on all weed-related news. Here are this week’s biggest headlines.

Ford: A Drive for Private Retail
Under the last premier, Ontario was headed to an LCBO-style cannabis sales model. But anything that was Kathleen Wynne’s idea is kryptonite to Doug Ford, so instead he wants to go to a private retail model for cannabis in Ontario. And the cannabis industry couldn’t be happier. This might delay storefront openings in Ontario, but many believe it will significantly improve the cannabis shopping experience long-term.

Infused Drinks Anyone?
In places where cannabis has become legal in the U.S., alcohol sales generally decline…sometimes a lot. Obviously, alcohol companies don’t want to lose business. So, from the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” file, Molson Coors is launching a new venture with cannabis company Hydropothecary, a.k.a. HEXO. The new joint venture will create non-alcoholic, but cannabis-infused beverages. Yummy!

Your Saliva, Please
With adult-use recreational cannabis coming online in October, one of the concerns for law enforcement is about how to detect driving while high. That’s because there is no cannabis equivalent of the breathalyzer. But Canada’s Justice Department has given the nod to a saliva test for law enforcement to use to detect impairment. Expect defence attorneys to have a field day poking holes at this saliva-impairment detection.

That’s all for this week! Check back next Friday for more weed-related updates.