Burrard Bridge in Vancouver Will Close on Father’s Day for a Yoga Class – and it’s Killing Some People’s Chi

We love a good yoga class, we really do.

And doing yoga in cool environments is pretty cool too.

But, nothing kills your chi more than being stuck in traffic. Or feeling like you’re being royally screwed if you’re a taxpayer who’s not into yoga (and has half a brain – had to).

That’s why some people in Vancouver are not exactly thrilled about Premiere Christy Clark’s upcoming yoga class on the Burrard Street Bridge – an over-the-top publicity stunt that’s reportedly going to cost taxpayers $150,000.

The project – called ‘Om the Bridge’ and backed by Christy Clark – marks the International Day of Yoga.

The thing is, it comes at a time when the province is closing public schools, lengthens wait times for surgery, and trying tackle poverty. That’s why many west-coasters question how she somehow found the cash to close the bridge for seven hours on a Sunday – and not for repairs, either.

Critics like The Province’s Michael Smyth have pointed to the event’s sponsors, Lululemon and AltaGas, who just happen to be lucrative corporate donors to Clark’s Liberal party.

Though AltaGas is throwing $10,000 at the cause, provincial government will pay for policing, traffic control, and other costs. Apparently, this will total $150,000, according to Smyth.

And let’s not forget about the traffic – on Father’s Day, for that matter – as a good chunk of the 37,000 vehicles that cross the bridge every Sunday are forced to reroute.

Join the dialogue yourself with the hashtag #shunthebridge