Dating App Bumble Just Banned the Shirtless Mirror Selfie

Ask any of my single, dating app-loving girlfriends and they will tell you they promptly scroll right past those shirtless mirror selfie snaps.

This is even the case if they’re not looking for anything serious.

Naturally, they’re not alone.

As Glamour points out, according to a Fractl and eBay Deals survey, 69 per cent of North Americans said a mirror selfie was their top app-related annoyance.


Not surprisingly, they are also the most left-swiped (i.e. rejected) type of photo on Bumble – the Tinder-esque dating app where the ladies make the first move.

Yet, the much-loathed shirtless mirror selfie accounts for 86 per cent of reported photos on the app.

Well, now – as part of a number of new photo guidelines on the app – the shirtless snaps will be a thing of the past on Bumble.

In a blog post published on Friday, the company said that it would no longer allow photos of kids by themselves, pics that don’t show your face, photos of you in your underwear or in a bathing suit indoors (outside is fine) and those that include text or watermarks.


All of the new rules apply to both men and women.

Oh – and for those who were wondering – gym mirror selfies are totally okay.

“Look, if you want to meet someone in the bathroom of the restaurant and show them your underwear, that’s your prerogative,” reads the post. “In this case, think of the private Bumble chats as the bathroom where you can send personal photos. But please don’t send photos of you in your underwear (or nothing – yikes!) in a Bumble chat without the other user’s consent. That’s invasive and bad manners. You’d get kicked out of a restaurant, and you’ll get kicked off of Bumble.”

While the move is undoubtedly an appealing one to many users, I am not sure it’s enough to convert the dating app pessimists out there.

I guess only time will tell.

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