Brit & Chips

Montreal was waiting for an old school English fish and chips joint, and did Brit & Chips ever deliver. When it comes to notable fresh battered fish and crispy chips, this is the place to be. Located in the heart of Old Montreal, this newly opened fish and chips stand (which is essentially what it is, although it’s indoors and has some, but not much, seating) serves up multiple fresh fish options – cod, haddock, salmon, hake, and even haloumi for vegetarians – to suit all different tastes.

Owned by the same guys who opened St. Henri hot spot Burgandy Lion, and taking from it a similar Old English flare, Brit & Chips attracts line ups and hoards people with a craving for old fashioned fried fish.

Their mantra is that fish and chips is to the English is what apple pie is to America, and of course, why not celebrate that in the belle ville deep in the heart of Atlantic Canada? To honour Brit & Chip’s Canadian roots, the concept is English with a Quebecois flare (mostly in the spicing). To prepare for the opening, the founders spent a great deal of time trekking through England exploring different local fish and chips recipes. Their commitment to authenticity is what makes this place so special…and addictive.

Some of their notable combinations include the Cod in Burgandy Lion Batter, their Haddock in Maple Syrup Batter – ahem, Canadian much? – and their Salmon and Guinness Batter. Every month they feature a different fish of the month, so there’s always something new and creative to try on their tasty menu. Brit & Chips, 433 McGill, Montreal, 514-840-1001.