Briefcase/Backpack/Carry On: A Canadian Kickstarter for the Ultimate Bag

Between travel, every-day professional efficiency, and style, it’s always been frustratingly difficult to find the right bag for both work & play.

But now on its 3rd Kickstarter campaign, Canadian company, Venque may have just nailed it.

Their spotlight product is called the Briefpack Utility XL and apparently, it’s “the most advanced briefcase”, convertible to backpack, convertible to carry-on bag.

Granted it might not totally fly with the average banker’s suit, or be a comfortable fit with a pint-sized female, but all in all, something like this should make a lot of young professionals very, very happy.      

Made with their very own water and dust-repellent, anti-scratch “Quanta Fabric”, the Briefpack fits laptops from 13” to 17” in a dedicated back compartment, has several pouches and pockets for cables, business cards, and pens, a luggage compartment sized for one or two days’ worth of clothes and travel gear, and of course, a discreet compartment just for the backpack straps.

It also comes with a ten-year warranty. That’s a lot of trips. And probably a couple of jobs too. 

Although the Utility XL has excelled through several previous campaigns and made its way into a healthy number of boutique stores, Venque is hoping to get their stuff directly into more hands and onto more shoulders. With 30 days left in this campaign, they already have 120+ backers and have raised 260% of their target, so it looks like they have their latest goal pretty much “in the bag”.
And given its looks, its versatility, and the painful performances in the preposterous fourth installment, we’re also expecting the Venque Briefpack to make its acting debut in Transformers 5.

Pledges start at a minimum of $199CAD, and with one, you’ll get your very own bag delivered to you anywhere in the world by the end of June. 

Beard and skinny-jeans sold separately. 

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