The Podcast Boom Is Brilliant For Canadian (Beauty) Journalists

Journalism has taken a new form in podcasts and, lo and behold, they’re an ideal platform for beauty. Introducing ‘Breaking Beauty’, a new podcast about #topshelf beauty products and how they came to be.

For a long time magazines enjoyed a glorious run as the most powerful media in the lifestyle space, which includes beauty, and journalism was a confident career path for talented beauty writers and editors.

Advertisers wanted to invest in lifestyle magazines, which meant publishers had budgets to employ really smart, really talented people who were trained to follow the beauty beat: innovations, news and people who use chemistry to create products, and artistry to create magic.

Then, when digital and social media were born, advertisers started to cut out the middleman; print media, and revenues really started to dwindle at Canadian magazines like Flare and Fashion magazines, to name only two. Way too many intelligent people working in lifestyle publishing (and predominantly women) lost their roles to influencers and Instagram. Yes, we all have to adjust to change and blah blah blah, but recent years were sad moments in Canadian media.

Luckily, phoenixes know how to rise from the ashes and I’ve got three phoenixes in particular to talk about: the Breaking Beauty podcast and its two co-hosts, Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn.


Credit: Norman Wong

First, something quick about podcasts. The current podcast boom is reminiscent of the digital transition that began in print media about a decade ago. Journalism has taken a new form in podcasts and, lo and behold, they’re an ideal platform for beauty. Not all has been lost in lifestyle publishing and, in fact, much has been gained.

Breaking Beauty is a new podcast about #topshelf beauty products and how they came to be. Co-hosts Carlene Higgins, formerly of Flare Magazine, and Jill Dunn, who you can also catch on The Marilyn Dennis Show, talk at juicy length about their all-time favourite beauty products and why they’re worth your hard-earned bucks.


Higgins and Dunn bring so much beauty journalism experience to their podcast that it’s the best new source for information about what (and who) makes beauty one of the most fascinating and rich industries in the world. Canadians will never need to guess again which mascara, or lipstick or serum is best to buy, and Higgins and Dunn will give the entire backstory on the brilliant minds behind their innovation too.

Possibly the most compelling aspect of Breaking Beauty is how it nails the crossroads of beauty and entrepreneurship. The social tag for Breaking Beauty is #FoundersRule because each episode is written around the entrepreneurial mind behind a superior beauty product, and how they broke into the beauty business. Each entrepreneurial idea has helped to make beauty a $265 Billion dollar industry, which is nothing less than tremendous, and the Breaking Beauty #FoundersRule stories are those that most deserve to be told.

So, you call yourself a beauty lover? Do your heart a favour and tune into Breaking Beauty the first week of every month starting April 2017.

The first 3 episodes of Breaking Beauty are available NOW on and iTunes.

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