Breakfast at Tiffany’s Vancouver

We were thrilled to be invited to Tiffany & Co. Oakridge’s ribbon cutting ceremony last week.

As if we needed any extra incentive to add a few bling-minded things to our Christmas wish list this year, the official opening soiree for Tiffany & Co.’s second Vancouver location provided the perfect excuse and backdrop for dreaming.  

The sleek marble entrance drew us into a cozy, circular space showcasing glittery diamonds of every shape and design imaginable. Clutching our coffee, we made our way around the curved cabinets displaying a seemingly endless array of jaw-dropping jewellery and statement pieces.

Hues of blue lend a whimsical quality to the brand new space, enhanced by plush, custom designed carpeting, plenty of mirrors and walls of crushed velvet in signature Tiffany Blue®. Add to this a plush private viewing lounge, and you’ve got us notably impressed.

In between bites of chocolate-dipped strawberries, tiny breakfast sandwiches and mini quiches (thanks to Culinary Capers), we sussed out a few choice items bound to suit a young professional’s taste. View our gallery to check out some of the fine finds we have our eye on or see for yourself and stop by their Oakridge Centre location.