Breakdown: The Cheapest and Most Expensive Holiday Destinations in the World

Aside from a limited number of vacation days, the one thing holding many of us back from travelling is, of course, the cost.

By now, most of us have splurged on vacations, cringing-ly dropping entire paycheques on things like world-renowned Michelin star restaurants and luxury hotel suites, as well as done trips on a budget.

Well, now there’s some new inspiration when it comes to choosing your next trip regardless of budget.

By looking at the average costs of a pint of beer, a cup of coffee, a meal for two, a bottle of wine, a hotel room for one night, and taxi costs per 3km, air transfer website Hoppa has ranked countries from the most expensive countries to the cheapest.

The most expensive isn’t a shocker. That designation goes to Dubai, with all included costs rounding to $517.48 CAD. On the other extreme, Budapest ranks as the cheapest, with costs totalling $74.81.

Dubai, accordingly, has the world’s most expensive hotel rooms, which will set you back upwards of $398.15 per night. Falling close behind is Botswana, with an average price of $389.98. Budapest has the cheapest hotel room rates at only $43.04 per night. Bangkok, Faro, and Tenerife follow closely behind.

It wouldn’t be a memorable (or blurry) vacation without drinks and quality food. Hoppa examined the cost of a variety of drinks – from cups of coffee, to pints of beer and bottles of wine. They also documented the average meal price for two people. In terms of money-saving meals, Marrakesh takes the top spot. New York, on the other hand, ranks at the top for most expensive places to have a meal for two, with an average tab of $101.69.

For the most affordable buzz, Faro is your best option. In Dubai, on the other hand, your morning hangover will cost you a small fortune, with the city holding the title for being the most expensive in the food and drink category.

One thing that always seems to vary widely is taxi tabs. Botswana is the cheapest place to take a taxi at only $1.35 per 3km. Dublin, on the other hand, charges $19 per 3km (and you thought Toronto was bad).

While most of the results aren’t particularly surprising for the seasoned traveller, some were somewhat contradictory. As Hoppa highlights, Botswana had the second most expensive hotel room prices per night, yet held the top spot for the cheapest taxi charges at $1.35 per 3km. Marrakesh, which placed fourth as the most expensive destination overall, ranked first for the cheapest meals for two with an average cost of $18.85.

There you gave it: you can start planning that summer trip. As for your vacation time, you’re on your own.