Braised: Leslieville’s New Slow Cooked Hot Spot

Have you ever eaten in an art gallery?

Well, Braised (896 Queen Street E) is pretty close.

Thanks to an agreement with local M.J.G. Gallery, this new Leslieville restaurant offers a chic escape to enjoy some fine dining.

Think: 150-year-old barn beams, polished tin, deep leather booths, exposed brick, the aforementioned art, concrete floors, and a sliding garage door that opens the space and invites Queen St. directly inside.

Of course, you’re not just headed here for the artistic flair alone.

As the menu says: Braised – (slow roasted comfort food); a cooking style that sears and roasts in jus.

Which isn’t to say there aren’t a plethora of veggie options. Our braised kale and goat cheese tart, for instance, is light, flaky, and decidedly delicious without the need to involve meat. 

Southern fried tofu, braised rapini, braised baby carrots, and several salad options should also serve to carry any vegetarian date through their meal happily. 

But you don’t call a restaurant Braised without bringing the meat. 

Our twice-cooked lamb shoulder (braised + grilled) is a tender and mouthwatering introduction to the menu while options like a short rib grilled cheese sandwich almost make us wish we’d come in for lunch.

Almost, ‘cause next up is linguini with braised chicken and Portobello. Smartly available in two sizes ($16/$22), the only appropriate word here is succulent

Currently, it seems as though Braised can do no wrong with their food (probably our tasty French martini helped), which is a very good thing considering they’ve also just stepped into the brunch game. 

Could we have a new contender in the ongoing eggs benny race?

There’s only one way to find out. 


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