Offers the Ultimate Literary Library

Maria Popova, writer for Wired UK and The Atlantic, is something of an informational enthusiast. As such she has created a website,, the purpose of which is to supply busy intellectually-enthused individuals with the best and most interesting literary pieces on any and all topics. Or, as it’s put on the website itself, “Brain Pickings is your LEGO treasure chest, full of pieces across art, design, science, technology, philosophy, history, politics, psychology, sociology, ecology, anthropology, you-name-itology. Pieces that enrich your mental pool of resources…”

The site is a magnet for power nerds, but in such a way that makes you want to be a power nerd, too. After reading what is probably the most enticing about section on the internet, scroll over to Brainpickings’ content list and click on the “Bookshelf” section where you’ll find a virtual library consisting of hand-picked titles in six different categories. Clicking on any of the virtual books will take you not to a book jacket summary, but an extensive full-length article review of the book. Trust us, after reading Ms. Popova’s in-depth perspectives on any of the volumes, you will not be able to think of anything else but reading that book! It’s a library for literary lovers, by literary lovers. Finally!

Next, browse the “Literary Jukebox” tab in the contents list. At first a somewhat confusing title, possibly describing a section where books are recited to music (“I love it when you call me Mister D’arcy; throw yo breeches in the aiyah if youse a true playah”). Close(ish). The section actually comprises of the literary quote of the day accompanied by a thematically similar song. Neat or what?

On the main page of the site you will find all of the latest literary news, such as book reviews, talks, interviews, articles and other lit tidbits. All of this content created by one person makes you wonder how Popova manages it all, but when you love lit and appreciate the power of knowledge, you go the extra lengths.

Although – if you also consider yourself a literary lover as well, there is a “support” section of the website for pledges. Even if you can only contribute $10, a website this unique and educational needs to be encouraged.