Boxit Welcomes Self Storage to the 21st Century

We’re all too familiar with the challenge of packing away our life’s belongings in a 700-square foot box in the sky (aka the reality of condo living in the country’s largest city). But before you decide to chip away at your sentimental possessions – or spiral further out of control into a full-on hoarder – consider this: There’s a solution.

Boxit launches today to offer Torontonians a valuable service that’s an absolute gem for urban living. Boxit drops off sturdy plastic boxes at customers’ homes (free of charge), picks them up when they are packed, and stores them for $7/month at a secure location. Last season’s already dated fashion week outfits? Toss ‘em in the box! That high school lava lamp that’s managed to cling onto your now young professional lifestyle? Likewise.

Operating daily from 7am to 11pm, pickups and drop-offs to get your stuff back can be arranged within three-hour windows ($15 base fee; $2/box for return). Self-sufficient? You can choose to pick up your items yourself and waive the delivery (though it will be replaced by a very manageable $5 handling fee). 

Boxit is currently available in Toronto only, but a friendly query on their website suggests they might be expanding in the near future if the concept takes off. Excuse us while we pack away our tents and fishing poles.