19 Memories You’ll Have If You Were Born In The ’80s

From Dream Phone to Greenday’s “Dookie”, if you were born in the ’80s, there’s a good chance these movies, games, household items and brands were part of your childhood.

When Teddy Ruxpin wouldn’t stop talking in your bedroom.

When you listened to Greenday’s “Dookie” and Alanis Morisette’s “Jagged Little Pill” at parties in your friends parents basement.

When you played Duck Hunt after school and fought with your brother over the orange gun console.

When head-to-toe Roots would guarantee you a higher profile at recess.

When you were jealous of the friendship Blossom and Six had.

When TGIF on channel was your Friday night plan.

When you made your mom take you to the mall to buy hyper-colour at Northern Getaway.

When the height of telephone technology was a super, ridiculously long curly telephone cord on the phone in your kitchen.

When “Are You Afraid Of The Dark” and Goosebumps were what your nightmares were made of.

When your back to school outfit definitely came from Le Chateau.

When you made an armful of bracelets out of Hot Loops, embroidery thread and gimp at summer camp.

When you had special folding techniques for the letters you would pass in class.

When you were 12 and got your babysitting license and started watching over every kid on the block so the adults could go out to parties on Friday nights.

When snowboarding was invented and you decided to switch over from skis.

When Fred Penner, Sharon, Lois & Bram, and Mr. Dressup were your evening lineup, after your bath and before bed.

When Jeff from Today’s Special was the original champion of the mannequin challenge.

When Leonardo DiCaprio was adopted on Growing Pains.

When you learned how to flirt on Dream Phone.

When you watched Art Attack every day after school.

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