Blowfish to Launch BarFish Cocktail Bar and Lounge

There’s another reason to hit King West’s Blowfish aside from a craving for quality sushi.

A young professional favourite since 2003, the Japanese fusion restaurant will soon become known for its cocktails and social scene as much as it is for its decadent food with the opening of BarFish. 

There’s no doubt it will become an immediate hotspot when it opens this Monday, December 15th.

An addition to the east side of the restaurant, BarFish at Blowfish replaces the restaurant’s original bar, which has been transformed into a sushi bar. The intimate space with a capacity of up to 60 people features a long bar of cold rolled steel with a fragmented onyx top lined with sleek walnut stools and plum-hued velvet banquets for larger groups. It’s designed by Antonio Tadrissi and built by Protoype Design Lab.

BarFish will offer a buzzier social experience compared to the intimate meal, with cocktails and sake to complement the main fare.

Award-winning mixologist Nishan Nepulangoda will serve up innovative Japanese-inspired creations like the Pomegranate Saketini (made with sake, razz rum, Prosecco and fresh pomegranate and pineapple juices, $16) and the Caribou Crossing (a balanced mixture of vodka, Cointreau, housemade lime cordial, grapefruit bitters, jalepeño black pepper, grapefruit syrup, yuzu and fresh grapefruit juice, $16).

Classic cocktails are also on offer and, beginning in 2015, the extensive sake list will include house-made traditional junmai, fruit-infused yuzu and pomegranate sakes, and peach-infused nigori unfiltered sake.

Of course, the cocktails are made even better when enjoyed alongside savoury Blowfish menu favourites.

By favourites we mean dishes like spicy rock shrimp (tempura style and tossed in hot garlic kewpie sauce, $10), assorted makimonos ($9-18), lotus-steamed lobster and shrimp dumpling (with spicy tobanjan sauce, $8), and one-bite wagyu gyoza (pan-seared dumpling stuffed with wagyu, black fungus, ginger and preserved spicy vegetable; served with balsamic basil dip, $10).

And all of this over the sound of a nightly DJ.

Construction will continue in spring 2015 with plans for two private dining rooms on the second floor that will accommodate up to 20 guests in each room (or can be opened up for a larger group) and – the best part – a third floor rooftop patio.

So, basically, you have another year-round option when it comes to after-work cocktails, pre-party snacks and late-night sake. 


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