Blogger Chloé Dumont Tells Us What You Can’t Miss at Montreal Fashion and Design Week

Hello, fashionistas!

Guess who I met with yesterday? The magnificent Hervé Léger as he was in town to enlighten the local fashion world as the opening speaker for this year’s Montreal Fashion and Design Week. Get your notepad ready: the mayor of Montreal officially kicked off the French Canadian fashion event yesterday and you will want to take notes about what’s about to come for Fall and Winter.

Launch_FMD_4 (credit Hervé L Leroux)

The Montreal Fashion and Design Week celebrates the creativity of well-known designers and famous brands as well as empowers the local fashion scene through magical outdoor runways. I would especially recommend joining the Le Château fashion show on Saturday at 8p.m. I’ve been told it’s going to be … surprising! I’ll personally be attending the La Vie En Rose runway on Thursday as it’s the closest we Canadians can get to seeing a Victoria’s Secret show.

If you are looking for more of an educational experience and want to learn about the industry, there is an inspiring conference happening in the sophisticated Montreal Contemporary Art Museum. I had the chance to get a peek inside Hervé Léger-Leroux’s world during his one-hour talk about his journey as a fashion legend and I’m still excited about what I learnt!

The party kept going into the night with the festival’s amazing cocktail party. For the occasion, I was dressed by Loue 1 Robe aka my #BFF for this kind of night – they found an Hervé Léger dress that fit me perfectly! You know, sometimes when you have glamorous nights and you don’t want to buy an outfit that you’re only going to wear once? Well, I’m glad I did stop by Loue 1 Robe: this was one of the most glam cocktail parties of the summer, so far!


The 16th edition of the Montreal Fashion and Design Week promises to be an immersive experience in the Montreal art scene with events focused not only on fashion but also on music, the arts, and food. If you are looking for something to do this weekend, head up to Place-des-Arts and enjoy one of the many free fashion shows Sensation Mode put together.

Plus, if you want an insider suggestion, once you’re at the festival or just near the Entertainment District, go to the Loews Hotel Vogue for a cocktail. We all know: there’s always something to celebrate! At this elegant hotel, go check out La Société Bistro. Sincerely, it’s the perfect place to sip a cocktail made by one of their talented mixologists and as the Fashion & Design Festival of Montreal official partner, they have an amazing Happy Hour!

Trust me, this is a must-attend festival!