You Can Boycott All Businesses Connected to Trump With This Handy App

In the run-up to and subsequent election, we saw that there is nothing that can hurt Donald Trump.

The only things that really hinder him, it seems, are hits to his wallet and ego. Accepting his Presidency is compulsory, but that doesn’t mean you have to feed the two things that drive him.

Which is why the Democratic Coalition Against Trump has created the Boycott Trump app. It lets users search a database of over 250 businesses to determine if they’re connected to the Donald.

“This app is a first step in our larger Boycott Trump campaign, which will feature a unified grassroots movement centered on holding companies and individuals that help Trump in any way accountable,” said Nate Lemer, Executive Director of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump in an interview with The Huffington Post.

boycott trump app

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

“The campaign is all about empowerment… By doing so we aim to give people a safe and productive way to voice their disapproval of Trump. We’ve accepted Trump won the election but that doesn’t mean we have to accept everything he stands for.”

The list of companies is pretty astonishing and includes heavyweights like Nike, MillerCoors, Johnson & Johnson, Gucci.

Everything from hotels to universities, apparel companies, apartment firms, and jewelry brands have been touched by the hand of Trump.

Some are already offering tips for next versions of the app.

“I’d suggest for the next upgrade a way to group or search by type of support. We might be more interested in boycotting businesses that endorsed the candidate than those that advertised on a TV show,” says one reviewer.

The app currently boasts a 4-star rating based on 65 reviews.

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