Black History is Canadian History. And History is Now

As we come to the end of another powerful Black History Month, may we remind you that history isn’t just in the rear-view mirror of life; it is what is created in the small acts of self-love, discovery, and expression that form and inform how we show up in this world as creators, global citizens, and humans. It’s the very voices, services and platforms that exist today, which future generations will be learning about. So in recognition and celebration of that, here are notable Black Canadians that you should check out.

Black history is Canadian history. And history is now.

Lade Ogunsanya
Blackbirds, Twitter Canada

Lade Ogunsanya is global co-chair of @Blackbirds – Twitter’s Business Resource Group for members and allies of the African diaspora, leading efforts to highlight the finest in Black talent at Twitter plus talent on its service and in its communities. Lade shared a Black History Month 2022 in Canada post on Twitter Canada’s blog inviting Twitter users to celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth, and encouraging them to diversify their feed’s Twitter list, give back to Black-run initiatives across Canada, and #TakeUpSpace – Twitter’s hashtag for 2022 inspired by a growth mindset through psychological safety.

Shan Boodram
Sexology+Psychology, Certified Intimacy Educator

Shan teaches people to be more competent & confident, kind of like – in her words – Dr. Ruth meets Rihanna. She is a dating guru with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sex education.. She is also a bestselling author with a YouTube channel. Her book, Game of Desire is a game-changer for anyone looking to learn how to date with intention.

Tyrone Edwards
Broadcaster, Entrepreneur

Tyrone is a co-anchor on E-Talk, who recently gained acclaim for the viral video he shared in 2020 aptly titled “My Trauma is Not Your Trend” where he spoke out about how the death of George Floyd impacted him and why he can no longer remain silent about racism. We love Tyrone for standing up, showing his vulnerability, and using his voice to empower others.

The Canadian Black Standard
Advocacy and Networking

This advocacy and networking platform has the sole (and soul) focus on removing systemic barriers faced by Black Canadian Women in marketing. The Standard, simply put, is to “Set it. Raise it. Be it.”

Avery Francis

Avery founded @buildwithbloom, a Black-owned HR + DEI Design Consultancy, helping the world’s best leaders build better workplaces for everyone. Not only that, but she is a writer @cdnbiz, and has a both hilarious and poignant Twitter account. 

Donté Colley
Digital Media Creator

Donté Colley came into the spotlight as a dancer, and parlays his personality and perspective to creating digital content that is uplifting, important and resonates with a wide audience. His content brings us so much life, light and happiness! With the theme for this year’s Black History Month being around Black Joy, Donté is the embodiment of exactly that. 

Basement Gang

​​These three childhood friends – Nicholas McDonald, Nathaniel James and Kadeem Hemmings – make up the very popular TikTok group, Basement Gang. They started dancing together in the 11th grade and haven’t stopped since, offering followers a “Daily Dose of Serotonin” and so much more. If you ever get the chance to listen to their online interviews, Basement Gang are not only impeccably hilarious and entertaining dancers, but also smart, ambitious and inspiring.

Shannae Ingleton-Smith
Kensington Grey, Influencer

Shannae is an influencer turned founder of Kensington Grey, a boutique influencer marketing firm rooted in diversity. She has a wealth of knowledge if you want to know anything at all about being an influencer, how much to charge, how to negotiate, and everything in between. Plus… her purse collection is both epic and enviable.