The Coolest Hospitality Job to Apply For in Toronto Right Now

The Bisha Hotel and Residences in Toronto is looking for a Front Office Manager. The perfect fit will be someone who balances style and a sense of cool with professionalism. The responsibility of a Front Office Manager is to set the tone and vibe for the whole front-of-house team, ultimately setting the Bisha Hotel brand vibe for all its guests. Here’s more:

Bisha is going to become a bona fide destination in Toronto, it’s being designed to become a cultural destination with a focus on food and design that will genuinely match international standards one expects in cities like Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Bisha will bring Toronto caché and the Front Office Manager is going to be central to the experience.

The cuisine at Bisha will be crafted within four restaurants, including a signature restaurant with a celebrity chef, the details of which are still under wraps. Public spaces include a 44th floor rooftop restaurant, an infinity pool and 2,200 square foot lobby bar.

Bisha is looking for somebody who is “currently in a relationship with” the city — nothing opens, closes or happens in this city without you knowing about it. You’re not flashy, though, you’re elegant with a quiet confidence, exceptional communication skills, a sharp intellect and effortless style.

Essentially, you’re Ryan Gosling and you’re hosting a some vibrant guests at your favourite place, the Bisha Hotel.

Your other qualifications:

  • You have a Bachelor degree in Hospitality Management or related field,
  • You have a minimum of three years hotel operations management experience as Division Head; and extensive knowledge of all hotel departments
  • You are a resourceful hotelier and subject matter expert in property management programs
  • You’re a rain-maker and scene-creator—you have a knack for setting the stage for magic!
  • You are a go-getter who is instinctively on the lookout for fresh and creative ways for our guests to be treated well;
  • You also love to travel—and when you do, you take mental notes of EVERYTHING.
  • You may even be a polyglot and know additional languages—a definite asset!

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Everything you need to know about the position:


  • As part of the executive team, you will participate in the preparation of the annual departmental operating budget and financial plans.You will collaborate with our Revenue Manager to determine daily room rates based on occupancy and revenue goals through the application of yield management techniques to maximize property revenue;
    You will always be on the look-out for ways to improve our performance by evaluating changes in guest needs, hotel guest mix, and industry and competitive trends.


  • As the head of the division, you will set the tone and culture for the Front Office team.
  • You will recruit, interview, train, coach, and evaluate our Front Office team members;
  • You will lead by example by ensuring that all guests receive an exceptionally friendly, and professional welcome, an efficient check-in process, and a seamless check-out experience.
  • You will also ensure that our Front of House department is a high-performing team; one that consistently achieves service excellence through high-standards, in-depth product knowledge and fine-tuned technical skills;


  • You will work closely with all departments; if anything goes wrong for our guests, you’ll be right there to make it right, make it better and make it magical;
  • You will be accountable for guest satisfaction and oversee all guest requests – you will be our guests’ hero, sounding board and newest friend;
  • You will play a key role in guest satisfaction by recommending fresh and creative ways for our guests to be treated well.

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