Birks Buzzes With Bee Themed Collection and a Sweet as Honey Party

*Read on to find out how you can have a chance to attend an exclusive Birks private client and media event at their Montreal flagship store on Tuesday, May 27th.

In each of the last six years, one-third of honeybee colonies have been lost in North America and Europe – and there’s nothing sweet about that. If you’re thinking, bees, who needs them?, the answer is literally everyone. Without their significant role in fruit and vegetable production, we might as well wish ourselves an early death by starvation now. That’s why Birks, the leading Canadian jeweller we all know and love, is doing something about it. To celebrate its 135th anniversary this year, the people at Birks are thinking both outside and inside of the pretty little jewellery box. Birks has decided to support the honeybee preservation cause to ensure a quality environment and the preservation of their eco system because we need to keep those honeybees around.

In addition to raising awareness for the cause of bee extinction (which includes a partnership with the Honey Bee Research Centre at the University of Guelph), Birks has introduced bee-themed collections in an initiative to mark the anniversary, but also to look toward the future of the brand and the planet. Part of their commitment to social responsibility also means the sourcing of Canadian diamonds for all diamond rings – so that lucky new bride-to-be can trace her diamond back to the mine of origin (hint, hint).

The three bee-inspired fine jewellery collections, called Birks Bee ChicBirks Bee Sweet and Birks Busy Bee, feature various designs made with yellow gold, silver, gemstones and diamonds, and are available in retail locations across the country. Ten per cent of the sales of the Birks-designed, honeycomb-shaped silver pendant will be directed to the Honey Bee Research Centre to support their efforts for improving bee health (it retails for $150 ). But that’s not all; Birks will unveil an urban beekeeping installation and suspended green roof at its Square Phillips flagship location in Montreal with the support of Alveole, a local group who promotes urban beekeeping and Topia, an award-winning landscape design firm… and you may have a chance to see it yourself. 

With Birks being one of our favourite jewellery brands since we received our first pair of cufflinks or earrings from the go-to company for special occasions, we naturally wanted to get involved. And, speaking of special occasions, we have a chance for you to be a part of it too (because we love you). Two readers (and their lucky plus ones) have the chance to attend an exclusive Birks private client and media event at their Montreal flagship store on Tuesday, May 27th: the Montreal Birks Garden Party. With a curated guest list of only 150 of Montreal’s finest, trust us when we say this party will be very notable.

What can you expect? A garden-themed party that is as refined as the Birks brand, which cuts no corners with things like garden-themed décor, Birks-themed nails via the Essie Nail Bar, both a beehive and floral installation on the flagship building, and the Henry Birks Exhibition. Of course, a hot DJ, flowing drinks, hors d’oeuvres and a gift bag are a given.

Aside from the bees, this party will generate much buzz on its own. We’ll see you there; simply fill out the field below to be entered.