Bill Nye: Let’s Stop Telling Women What to Do With Their Bodies When it Comes to Abortion

Many people with very loud voices have a lot of terrible opinions on abortion.

We’re not here to pick sides, but it must be said that science is unfortunately too absent from the mainstream conversation around the issue. And who better to set things straight than Bill Nye, the world’s foremost Science Guy.

The current debate on abortion, according to Nye, is based on bad science and a lack of education, and grounded on the fact that life begins at conception.

In a recent video uploaded to Big Think’s YouTube channel, Nye explains why this kind of thinking doesn’t make any sense scientifically and concludes with a very sensical statement to those who form the basis of their opinion on abortion on anything other than biology: “I just really encourage you to not tell women what to do and not pursue these laws that are really in nobody’s best interest,” referring to abstinence and the closing of abortion clinics.

While he’s sympathetic to the fact that many on the anti-abortion side are acting out of deeply held beliefs and respect for people, albeit unborn, he’s maintains that the most reasonable approach is for everyone to simply understand the facts.

Sure as hell beats Nicole Arbour’s take on abortion.