Best Toronto Patios: Rasa

Located in Harbord Village, Rasa is a Toronto restaurant you’ll want to spend as much quality time at as possible.

The Food Dudes’ first stand alone Toronto restaurant (that we reviewed when it first opened almost two years ago), Rasa’s inviting feel lasts from the moment you step foot into the building until the second you (sadly) have to leave. Equipped with a classic Toronto patio, Rasa also easily falls into Toronto’s best patio category. The 50-seat wrap around patio allows for a comfortable experience for anyone who enjoys eating their food with an urban view.

Although on the smallish side for a Toronto restaurant (seating = 50 inside), the setting gives off a vintage Toronto bar feel, serving fine food and delicious drinks with big flavours – ones that you’ll always want to return to. The industrial layout of exposed pipes brings an urban bar-like space to the building, with windows surrounding the main dining area to give guests a firsthand view of the city streets. If you love people watching, Rasa is perfect for you.

But what makes Rasa so unique is the food. Rasa’s menu shows no signs of lazy tastebuds, as each item speaks for itself with rich flavours and original combinations. Culturally-inspired dishes make up the diverse menu, ranging from a mouth-watering Mexican brunch to a delectable dinner. Of course, we would expect no less from The Food Dudes. Want proof? Try their spin on Gnochi, or enjoy a new take on a Bangkok Bowl. Just, trust us.

Oddly enough, one dish in particular stands out on the dinner menu. Gourmet cereal. Yes, gourmet cereal. Topped with ice cream, chocolate and coconut milk, this mouth-watering meal is available for anyone with a sweet tooth (morning or night for that matter). For those foodies who like to roll the dice, Rasa offers a “Set Mondays” menu, during which items are prepared at the chef’s discretion. With one of the top patios in the city, a décor that’s both welcoming and modern, and the Food Dudes cooking up an inspired menu, Rasa is definitely one of the best restaurants Toronto has to offer.