Best Toronto Patios: Betty’s

If you’re looking for the perfect dive bar/refined pub in Toronto, then look no further. Betty’s is the place that you’ve been searching for.

Known to some as a “local watering hole,” Betty’s has rightfully earned the title of one of Toronto’s best restaurants and patios. The patio comes equipped with cabanas and greenery, allowing for a welcoming backyard atmosphere.

This classic Canadian-style pub, Betty’s gives off a comfortable vibe, making you feel right at home. The staff is easygoing and always down to chat, making Betty’s the place where you’ll make some new friends.

This Toronto restaurant is where you could bring a first date, without having the sense of awkward formality. Or if you want to get some beers with your best buddies, as Betty’s is also great for that. If you’re lucky enough to score a booth, you can freely pour draft at the table (yes, really). Maybe it’s the novelty of pouring your own draft, but if you improperly pour your pint, you only have yourself to blame. This gem in Toronto’s east end is one of the best bars that you might find yourself going for an after-work drink.

The casual atmosphere also allows for a fun place to go and watch the big game. And of course, its patio is a part of the full package. This place fills up quite easily due to its popularity, so best to make reservations before hand.

Another thing to keep in mind is you won’t break the bank here. Affordable pricing with quality service adds to its success. Although you’re going to a pub-style bar and patio, be prepared to indulge some not so pub-style food. Entrees such as a salmon sandwich or pad thai, stand out as being unique to the urban style scene. Don’t worry, classic pub style fish and chips or wings aren’t going anywhere.