Best Burgers in Toronto: BQM Burger

Burgers don’t come much better looking than the fine specimens to be found at BQM Burger, offered in one of four locations around Toronto. Liberty Village, Ossington, Riverside and Roncesvalles are all lucky enough to call themselves home to the neighbourhood restaurants that have a selection of not just the best burgers on hand, but also bourbons, craft wings and the all important sides. BQM burgers aims to tailor each eatery to it’s own neck of the woods in Toronto, with customized atmospheres that help give them each a distinctive flavour, and we mean that quite literally.

There are four signature burgers named after each one of their Toronto locations. The Riverside offers up a mouth-watering panko-crusted onion rings, tangy BBQ sauce and savoury bacon. The Roncy puts a fried egg on top of your burger, along with smoky chipotle aioli. Meanwhile The Liberty is all about that blue cheese, with savoury bacon and garlic aioli. Last, but by not means least, is The Ossington, which combines Portobello mushroom with caramelized onions, meaning you won’t struggle to find the best burger for you at their restaurant. It’s a tough call to say which is best. All their beef is ground in-house daily at the restaurant, 100 per cent fresh and they give you a guarantee that it has never been frozen – giving you the best taste possible. All their burgers come with fries or green salad, and you have the option to go for a chuck burger or opt for chicken, lamb – or meatless if you prefer.

The fries in their restaurants come from Ontario and PEI grown Yukon Gold potatoes, and they’re blanched daily with the skins left on to enhance their flavour. If you have any room left at all, try one of the 30 craft beers on hand at one of BQM Burger’s Toronto restaurants, or something from their curated section of bourbons and spirits.